Red Trucks

Get CARB Compliant

Emission Laws are in Full Force - Get CARB Compliant Now.

  • Must have a 2008 or newer to be emission compliant
  • 2011 or newer model year meets final requirement (except some models)

DPF's main duty is to clean up particulate matter, or PM. DPS keeps in the carbon, cleaning up the exhaust to the point where a clean fabric can swipe through the filter and not have any dirt buildup.

The carbon trapped in the filter burns off in the excess air and nitrogen monoxide in the exhaust when the stream is hot enough.

But other combustion products, notably the ash from the engine lube oil, are not regenerated, and build up in the filter. This eventually causes a rise in backpressure in the exhaust, which affects engine performance, economy and durability.

This is the point at which the filter must be serviced.

DPF Servicing can be offered at your local Truck repair facility.